7 September 2015

Market Day - September

Been a little tardy with my blog last week. Sorry about that my 3 faithful readers!! I was flat out getting all my new products ready for yesterday's market. Not to mention that this weekend was also Father's Day and Harry's Daddy's birthday! So, a busy, busy week leading up to a busy, busy weekend.
We had some lovely celebration though the weather turned a little cold and blustery. We spent a lot of the weekend blowing bubbles.

 The turn in the weather, however, was fortunate for my positioning at the Blackheath Community Markets. Due to some cancellations I nabbed a spot indoors! I went into this market not expecting much. Being as it was on Father's Day, and my product is not really for that audience, I was going to be happy to simply cover the cost of my stall. I was pleasantly surprised to find at the end of the day that I had made a little more than that :) My new bookmarks being the biggest seller of the day!

Because it was a quieter day, I managed to have a little browse of the other stalls and chat with the other vendors. I got some lovely comments on my products and a couple of customers from last month came to tell me how well my chalkboards had been received as gifts :) It's these sorts of lovely things that makes me excited to be giving this whole venture a go and I am already looking forward to next month :)

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