21 May 2016


A picture a week, every week, to watch our Harry grow :)

Watching the last of the Autumn leaves falling at Mt Wilson in the Blue Mountains. A camping spot where trees were climbed, possums searched for and stars wished upon.

6 February 2016


A picture a week, every week, to watch our Harry grow :)

Splashing on a Summer's Day. Skipping stones and chasing skinks.
Being watched through the trees by wallabies .

2 February 2016

Raiders of the Last Era

So I have made a decision and am going to keep my retro things seperate from my hand made.. especially as i may not be doing the retro thing forever! So with that.. I introduce you to my retro and vintage label:

I am however going to showcase here on this blog, certain things that will appear in 'Raiders'. As well as take a trip down memory lane and have a closer look at some of the things that made childhood so special. There is now an Etsy store as well as an instagram to follow!

you can find us on Etsy.....  here
and on Instagram.... here

30 January 2016


A picture a week, every week, to watch our Harry grow :)

Waiting by the front door at the end of the week.
Eagerly awaiting Daddy's car pulling into the driveway.

29 January 2016

Feeling like a kid again

I have a conundrum. And I'd like your advice.

But first let me set the scene...

It is coming up to Harry's Suitcase's first anniversary in a few months and I am thrilled at how far this little idea of breathing new life into things from my childhood has come. The comments and happiness that people have shared with me when remembering moments from their own childhood has been a special thing, and to share it with our new little generation and excite them with what we had, has been such a joy.

I loved everything about my childhood. Was very into the popular culture of the time.. Smurfs, Transformers, Garfield, My Little Pony, the Muppet Show, Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles, Fraggle Rock, Gummi Bears, Masters of the Universe (And of course Sheera!) Cabbage Patch Kids, Viewmasters, All things Disney and Warner Bros... I could go on & on.. and most likely will in a little more detail in the future..

As I grew up my interests didn't wavier too much and when at the age of 13 I scored a part time job in the local video store, my love of film, movie memorabilia (and for the male actors of the time!) blossomed. I kept that job for 8 years, leaving it to take a job dressing up as Bugs Bunny at Warner Bros, but that's another post!
Throughout this childhood I hoarded collected. I loved to collect! I still do, but not as much as I used to (I have a husband who likes to get rid of stuff!).

My parents are in the middle of downsizing their home and have uncovered quite a lot of boxes containing my childhood favourites and the memories that are being evoked are so wonderful! The exact feelings are returning that I felt when I was 8.. and I love it!

So my questions to you, dear friends..
Is Harry's Suitcase big enough to hold retro toys to sell as well as my upcycled childrens book products? Do I create a side business? Sell it all on Ebay, or just in facebook and instagram posts? Add it to my Etsy store? Am I broadening my brand too much or is the general feeling of 'returning to childhood' enough of a common theme and by 'opening the suitcase' you can go back there and have all the 'feels' that go with the memories.

I'd love your thoughts.

23 January 2016


A picture a week, every week, to watch our Harry grow :)

First Day of Preschool! Such an excited 'big boy'.
'You'll open the gate for me Mummy, and then you'll go, ok?'
I cried on the walk home, and proceeded to do nothing but think of him all day. Sigh.

16 January 2016


A picture a week, every week, to watch our Harry grow :)

On a bushwalk, by a waterfall, chatting with Daddy over a couple of 'Pa Bikkies'
(named for Pa's love of scotch finger biscuits!)

9 January 2016


A picture a week, every week, to watch our Harry grow :)

With one of his favourite people - Pa
On one of his favourite things - The Quad Bike

2 January 2016


A picture a week, every week, to watch our Harry grow :)

Hot, hot, hot New Year's Day! At the farm saying 'hello 2016 - I think we are going to have fun'!!