1 July 2015

Fear Not.

Today I got results from a scan saying that the tumour in my liver is nothing to be afraid about.
Today marks the anniversary of a fall that broke two bones in my husband’s back and cast a fear that has overshadowed me for 365 days..
Today I need to let some of my fear go.
Today is a good day to start fresh.

I have a gorgeous 2 year old boy who is inspiring me everyday. Inspiring me to do so many things! I’m making him toys, I’m seeing the world differently, I don’t even recognise myself in the kitchen anymore. I’m the girl who couldn’t successfully pull off microwave popcorn. Ever. And now there is a home cooked meal on the table most nights. I know that part of my inspiration is also my husband who encourages me in every endeavour I undertake.

Today I have decided to try and fight the worry and anxiety that has plagued me. I have my boys and I need to live each day in a much more positive light.

And so begins a new adventure.
Today I am opening Harry’s Suitcase and letting something wonderful out.

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