16 July 2015

The Boys.

I'm sure over the course of writing this blog I may refer to 'the boys' every now and then. Harry's boys. Thought an introduction might be needed so you know who all the members of the gang are. These guys hang out in the bed at night and on rainy days, after nap time, they tend to take up most of the lounge!
Today has been one of those days. We had more snow flurries and it's been a 'snuggle up on the couch watching Peppa Pig' kind of afternoon...

Introducing.. The Boys.

 From left to right.

Woofy - who was actually my dog when I was younger.. not sure how young I was.. maybe 5 when I got him. He's Harry's number one. Not doing too bad for an old boy :) Some would say he's vintage!
Daddy Pig - 2nd Birthday gift to Harry from myself and Harry's Daddy
Bear - another from my toy collection
Bullseye - Santa gift from Harry's first Christmas
Paddy Bear - also a 2nd birthday gift.. Harry was very taken with the movie and around the time of his birthday it was the number one request for TV time
KC - KC again is from my childhood and if I remember correctly, one of the first purchases I ever made with my own pocket money. I named him KC after a gorilla in a movie that could do sign language that I had watched the day before...

So there you have it! A small group of lovely faces that bring comfort and companionship :) and some for a couple of generations.. I wonder if any of these fellows will be passed on again in the future! 

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  1. Great photo of the Boys! Takes me back to when you were little seeing Woofie sitting there... but where is Willy?


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