9 July 2015

Where's Harry?

It has been cold outside and we have been snuggling up indoors, having fun and trying to ignore the sniffles and 2 year molars that are making a certain little fellow a bit out of sorts.

Yesterday we decided that it was a good day to practice our cubby making skills. We've made a couple of OK ones on the couch with the help of sheets and pegs. Our couch, unfortunately, does not have removable pillows so we don't have the added reinforcement that I remember when I made them as a child.
And sometimes when Daddy gets home from work we make fubbys (faux cubbys) that basically consists of a blanket being held up by Mummy and Daddy's heads! They are the most cosy!

Today we put the dining table and chairs to good use and...


A tunnel of towel covered chairs to enter and exit from and an open frontage for Harry and the boys to view the evening TV line up (and to talk to mummy from).

When it came time to nap.. it was far too much fun in the cubby! I went looking for Harry.. wait a minute.. Where's Harry?


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  1. Now THAT's a cubby! Looks like you could get lost in there!


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