17 August 2015

A Simple Act of Kindness

The other day we headed off to the train station to meet Harry's daddy after work.
As seems to be our little tradition Harry picked one of the little purple wildflowers that grow in abundance as we near the station. Every time we catch a train, he asks to pick one and every time I tell him to give it to the first pretty lady he sees. We have probably had this same little conversation dozens of times when he sees the flowers. This is usually where it ends. The flower either gets left on the train if it is even still in his hand when we board.

 On this particular day we arrived at the station and I had forgotten about the little purple flower until Harry spotted an elderly couple waiting for the train on the seat next to us.
'Mummy? Lady?' he said holding up his flower and then motioning to the elderly woman. I nodded and watched him timidly walk up and stand about a metre away from the couple. 'Say excuse me, Harry' I encouraged, which he did.
The couple looked confused and I explained that he wanted to give her a flower. Harry held out his hand and passed over the little flower. As soon as it had reached it's intended recipient, he came running back to hide his face as he hugged my legs.
Both the man and woman seemed so very touched and the gentleman told Harry that he had made her day!
I was so very proud of my little boy at this simple kindness that warmed my heart.
As we alighted from the train at our destination, we passed the lady who was still holding the little purple flower in her hand.


  1. Oh that is such a heartwarming story! If only we saw more of this. You little son is going to grow into a fine young man if he continues to think of others. What pleasure it must have brought you to see the smile on the lady's face.

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