5 August 2015

Cosy Cubby

As I have talked about before, cubbys and forts are quite popular around here. Especially as the cold winds and rain of winter has kept us a little more house bound than we would have liked! Yesterday I made up a little canopy we can drape over the couch to create a little hideaway to watch TV, read and generally snuggle up..

I gave Harry his first taste of it this morning and it has been greeted with much enthusiasm.. He's been reading to Woofy and keeping a 'lookout' through the see through butterfly material in the back!

The day outside is very bleak but we may brave the weather for a little walk and some fresh air a little later. However, while the temperature outside is at 1.8 degrees, I think we might stay inside this cosy cubby and read some more!!

1 comment:

  1. The cubby looks great! Clever you. He's a lucky boy :) Is that a Seuss book?


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