4 August 2015

Market Day!

Another wonderful day at Blackheath Community Markets on the weekend..
Though the wind felt like it was going to cut me in two!! I can't wait to enjoy the warmer months at this lovely place! 

The people I have met there have been truly lovely and very welcoming. It came at the right time for me as well, after feeling some pangs of loneliness last week in what I still consider to be a new environment and home. Being the stay at home mother of a little one can be a very lonely experience at the best of times.. but when friends are far away, it adds to the isolation. After this weekend, however, I feel more positive with where I am and feel I may have met some new friends.

Harry and I spent yesterday doing a spot of op-shopping and visiting my favourite fabric store. Both practices are also very good for the soul. I have been sewing up a storm this morning, creating a new play space for Harry. Still some minor adjustments to be done but I hope to share my creation on here tomorrow.

Luckily I can guarantee Harry will pick my spirits up too.. most of the time ;) Here's a lovely little shadow I stumbled on this morning before breakfast!

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