13 January 2018

The Grand Canyon - Blackheath

 Last week I visited the Grand Canyon Walk in Blackheath.
And it was amazing.

 From Neates' Glen we headed downward and watched the vegetation change and the lushness of the rainforest thicken. Equipted with a guide to the plants of the Blue Mountains, we had fun identifying the many, many different flowers and shrubs on the decent into the canyon. Learning some interesting facts about plants I've probably walked passed a billion times in the bush.

Soon the walls of the chasm we were entering stretched up all around us. It was truly impressive.
Once we arrived at the creek that flows through the canyon, we came upon 'The Rotunda', a lovely spot to stop for a little while. This big overhang was an Aboriginal occupation shelter in the past and sitting inside you can see what a great choice of a spot it was! I think sitting under here on a rainy day would be so calming and relaxing.. a beautiful space. I can definitely see myself coming back here to sit for a while in the future!

 It should not have come as a surprise when the track notes description of the grade was 'lots of steps'.. but boy there were a lot of steps! This is the walk that had my calves burning for days in the first week of the new year.. but I am looking forward to doing it again with a friend of mine in the next few weeks! So that's a pretty good sign.

This walk was magic. Such beauty in a few short hours.. If you are never going to get an opportunity to go canyoning in the Blue Mountains, this walk gets you deep down into a canyon (350 metres down to be precise) to experience it without all the abseiling, wet suit wearing and pool jumping. The guidebook we used said it would take about 3.5 hours but we managed it in 2.5 with lots of stopping, snacking, huffing and puffing..

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